About Us

Global Wind Energy, a French company based in Paris, was founded in 2002 by Per B. Andersen and César Nahas to promote and sell wind turbines manufactured by VESTAS. Ever since, it has acquired an intensive experience in wind energy and started acting as a consulting company for both private investors and public entities as well as foreign governments. 

Global Wind Energy has formed different entities and joint ventures in Denmark, Bulgaria, Lebanon, USA and is working on expanding its presence in ASEAN

From wind measurement campaign and analyses, wind Atlas performance, to wind farm project implementation and turbine supply, Global Wind Energy offers complete comprehensive services that maximize our customers’ approach to the high yield industry. 


Global Wind Energy acts as a link between project promoters and investors and is capable of satisfying most requests. Global Wind Energy's main services include the following:

·         Wind farm project implementation and management 

·         Wind measurement campaign and analysis (Wind Atlas)

·         Wind turbine supply 

·         Project funding 

·         Business implementation and policy advice