Consulting Services


There are different ways to invest in a wind farm, depending on the return period that each investor is looking for. At Global Wind Energy, we are offering different methods valid for short term, medium term and long term investors. Global Wind Energy is advising both private investors and companies interested in important yield profits.


We offer the following services:



·         Selection of the best possible site

·         Purchase and erect required number of met masts to collect wind data for minimum of 1 full year

·         Store wind data daily

·         Release reports

·         Release pre feasibility study

·         Perform Environmental Impact Assessment

·         Negotiate PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with authorities or distribution companies

·         Book and pay connection point

·    Study all available WTG (Wind Turbine Generators) power curve and advise best options for given data

·         Negotiate WTG purchase and delivery terms

·         Apply for  production and connection authorizations

·         Perform Environmental Impact Assessment

·         Prepare and release tenders

·         Select best bids

·         Supervise delivery of WTG

·         Supervise erection and commissioning


Should financing be needed, we can assist raising the needed funds under certain conditions.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any personalized offer.


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