Get Trained !

Get more information on how to set up a Wind Farm project


Where to start ?

What the project steps are ?

How to calculate costs v/s revenues – profit ?

How to choose wind turbines ?

Where to invest ? How to raise funds ?

What the risks/opportunities to take into account are ? 


Our Training sessions

From high level training to more detailed courses, we offer the following plans :

1 – Phone support (1h)

Best and inexpensive solution if you require a global understanding on how to implement and develop a wind farm project.This session will tackle project steps, wind energy, business models, strategy, financial requirements and fund raising solutions, technical aspects, legal implications, partnerships and involved parties.

>> Price : 320 EUR


2 – Onsite session (1 day) – in our offices or at your premises

This solution will allow a more detailed & accurate understanding of a wind farm project implementation with the support of concrete case studies.From one to one meeting to addressing to a larger audience, we offer onsite training sessions.

>> Price: 1690 EUR (+ travel expenses if applicable)