Natural Resources Analysis - The Procedure (All Phases)

Wind Atlas performance

Wind Atlas is essential to determine best areas to build wind farms. Most countries already have such means, but they sometime need to be updated. We have performed several studies and provided different countries and regions with up dated wind atlas. A wind atlas needs:

· Satellite wind structure imageries
· Digitalized maps
Site measurement

Even though a wind atlas exists, it does not show the wind speed on a specific site, therefore, micro site measurements have to be performed and data collected for over a full year, through

· Erection of a met mast with 60 to 80 meters height

· Calibrated instruments (anemometers, vanes, etc…) indicating the wind speed and direction as well as temperature and humidity

· Daily report from the installed logger directly through GPRS indicating all data      collected every 10 minutes



Wind measurement analysis and report


Once the full year data has been collected and stored in our computer, a wind measurement report is released showing the exact recorded values. These values are primarily compared with the existing data collected by a nearby weather station for the last 10 or 20 years to make sure that the wind speed average is in accordance with the average of the other period.