As a consulting company we can intervene in a full project scope-but-also-in some specific task of a project as per requirements.

Typical tasks of a full scope project:


Project Implementation - All Phases

Full wind energy project management / implementation
Study of available electrical network
Definition of power requirements
Comparison of WE technology and definition of technical requirements
Selection of WE technology among models and worldwide suppliers
Project Budget definition
Timeframe definition
Logistic definition (transportation organization)
Technical and financial feasibility studies
Human + Technical resources

Project Implementation - Detail of all phases 


1. Full wind energy project management / implementation

Based on our existing expertise in Europe and the Middle East, we  select best potential sites with high yearly wind speed average and government subsidies or high yield Power Purchase Agreements.



2. Study of available electrical network

Electric network and grid connections are not always available in    remote areas, we therefore, check and study the financially and technically feasibility to whether to invest or not in sub-stations for grid connection.



3. Definition of power requirements

Selection of step-up transformers



4. Comparison of WE technology and definition of    technical       requirements 

- International conferences participation
Conference, Press, University intervention
Conferences build up
International or state policy advisors
Preparation of tenders and definition of specification
Consulting activities




5. Selection of WE technology among models and worldwide suppliers

Based on the wind data, we select the best possible solution throughout all available products, taking into consideration:

Power curve
- Tower height
 Length of blades
- Transportation facilities
- Maintenance contracts
- Guarantees

- Prices

- Availability




6. Project Budget definition 

- Site investigation
- Wind resource assessment
- Environmental assessment
- Preliminary design
Detailed cost estimate
Report preparation
Project management 
- Wind assessment
Electrical engineering
Mechanical design
Civil design
Tenders and contracting
Construction supervision
Energy equipment
Spare parts
Wind turbine foundation
Wind turbine erection
Road construction
Transmission line
Control and O&M buildings



7. Timeframe definition  

Authorizations to build and operate have normally a time limit, but given the actual delays in deliveries, these limits tend to be hardly met. Our position on the market allows us somehow to shorten delivery delays, representing, hence, a value added to our involvement



8. logistic Definition (transportation Organization)

Wind turbines are bulky and need special transportation and building equipment and cranes that are sometimes hard to find. We foresee the problem and come up with the best possible solution.



 9. Technical and financial feasibility studies

Prior to launching a multi million euros project, we perform very accurate technical and financial feasibility studies that enable our clients to foresee the results and base their assumptions and IRI.



10. Human + Technical resources

Traning will be scheduled and will enable the technical personnel to handle light maintenance and repairs throughout the life span of the wind turbines.